Asiad: Nepal made Sri Lanka toil for win

Nepal nearly pulled out a shocking result in Asian Games 2010 cricket against Sri Lanka before losing the quarterfinal match by two wickets on Wednesday.

Nepal ripped through Sri Lanka’s top and middle order batting making it 42/7 before tailenders saved the gold-medal favorite team from the embarrassment. Nepal had scored 72 in its 20 overs.

The eighth-wicket partnership of 14 runs and ninth-wicket partnership of 17 runs dashed Nepal’s hope for moving into semifinal.

Jeevnatha Kulatunga (20) made some runs on top order while tailenders Dilhara Lokuhettige (10 runs off 13 balls), Sajeewa Weerakoon (unbeaten 13 off 17) and Kaushalya Lakuarachchi (unbeaten 9 off 18) remained firmed to deny Nepal an epic victory.

Amrit Bhattarai bowled exceptionally well early on to grab two wickets for just 10 runs in his four overs. Paras Khadka and Basant Regmi also grabbed two wickets each. Rahul Vishwakarma got a wicket for Nepal.

Earlier, Nepal won the toss and elected to bat first. Gyanendra Malla (30 off 30 balls) and captain Paras Khadka (18 off 24) made some noteworthy contributions while the remaining team flattered against the top-class Sri Lankan bowling.

Nepal lost last 8 wickets for just 21 runs after cameo from Gyanendra and Paras as Sri Lanka turned the game back in their favor from a stage when a score of 100 looked a possibility.

For Sri Lanka, captain Jehan Mubarak led the bowling with 3/6 in 3 overs while Lokuhettige took two wickets.

Sri Lanka now meets Bangladesh in semifinal while Afghanistan plays Pakistan in other semifinal.

271 Responses

  1. rubeen says:

    bore vaya ni aaja nepal la jit na sakana ni

  2. Atit H says:

    10,15 run badi hanya vaye jitna ber thena

  3. Atit H says:

    2 bal aru r0kya vaye bal out ma jane :(

  4. Nima hyolmo says:

    K ta haru ani nepal ko perfom kasto lageta

  5. Nima hyolmo says:

    Atid kasto feeling hundai 6ta? Timi lai

  6. Cric.n says:

    Any way its the best gift for outgoing coach dais from the players…in 10 yr he have made the nepali team capable of playing against his own country..thank u so much dais

  7. Nima hyolmo says:

    Akdam dami gareo nepal ko bowling side le

  8. Nima hyolmo says:

    K ta haru gako?

  9. Thusitha Vipula(srilanka) says:

    Thats how sri lankan boys do it yah. Come on lions we need a gold.

    • Pranaya Dahal says:

      yes, you are right boy but NEPAL a nation being ranked 25 in world nearly kicked the srilankans out, but WELL PERFORMED NEPLESE

    • nepali kto says:

      Hey man don forget we are in 25th rank of ICC and had almost kicked your a**…..Being a champion u need to be play like a champion……..having players with test, ODI and T-20 experience u need to beat us at least by 8 wicket and 10 overs ramaining….Its just like a win for us that we stop u guys to score more runs and almost win the game..

  10. Pranaya Dahal says:

    That was a nice performance by the boys, they can definately perform well but they are bit weak on their batting, if their batting is improved then we can see nepal playing world cup and eventually being a test nation

  11. Sanjeev lama "Hyolmo" says:

    Though Nepal lost the game against Sri Lankans, I would reckon, our players deserve praise for their stupendous performance for having caused jitters in Lankans’ innings. In retrospection, it suggests that had Nepal put some more runs on the board, it might have been a different scenario altogether. Once again, it was batting which let Nepal down. The bowlers have done a terrific job and proved to the islanders that Nepali bowlers have in them the bite which could torment even their best of the batsmen. In this game, I would say that Sri Lankan’s experience proved the deciding factor for pulling off victory from the jaws of defeat.

    All all in, I would say our boys did a pretty job in this match.

  12. Raj says:

    This is great ! It is like win for Nepal.

  13. nepali kto says:

    aru na bhaye pani Nepali Kta haru ko english chhai dami rai6……far much better than ladies…anyways guys be prepare for upcoming games with new coach….

  14. Raj Gh says:

    By the way It is the rite time to re-assess Nepalese Team. New energetic Coach with new plan and tactic will be a good idea. At all we Nepalese are waiting for next ACC Cup that Nepal will bring to home. We have to build up a strong team best than Afganistan. Please CAN help these players they are assets for now and future to come.

  15. xeronn says:

    damii ho. aba kunai din world cup ma nepal lai support garne payne ho

  16. Sushil thapa says:

    Victory is what matters at the end of the day, which Sri Lanka achieved by a whisker. Indeed our bowlers put up a stellar performance and almost carved out an incredible victory. Well done bowlers.
    In my observation, by and large, our performance has been severely hampered by batting vulnerability, inconsistency and lack of killer instinct. In recent years, we had our share of chances to rise to greatness but each time we let the opportunity slip by much to our chagrin.
    The matter of fact is that unless we take lessons from our mistakes and seriously work on it , nothing productive will yield for us. The national team has to take their cue from Afghanistan who are now a force to reckon with in world cricket. Their success story has been spectacular considering the tribulations of war they have come through, and their dogged determination and will power to strike it rich. If they can do it why can’t we.

  17. Uttam says:

    Afganistan asiad ko final ma pugyo!!! Its abt 2 yrs afgan r doing well n progressing like they r never gonna look back.

    Hami haru afgan vanda dherai agadi thiyau tara jersey div 5 ko semifinal ma hare dekhi ja ko tei raiyo.afgan tyo semifinal jitera agadi badeko div 1 hudai t20 wc ka pugyo pugyo.

    Sayad tyo tournament nai turning pt thiyo kyare afgan ko d point is hami haru pani agadi badne bela aayo k.hamro batting ramro vo vane nythn can happen.pakistan sanga semi final ma 125 banayera afgan ko jeet possible vo.hamle srk sanga 110 jati banako vaye jitheu hola.batting vaye hamro team afgan vanda ramro 6.come on CAN do sth.china ta ckt khelna thalyo.aba ko 2-4 barsa ma china ko ckt mathi jan6 kina ki china sanga sab thok 6.yesai gari nepali ckt chalyo vane hami ja ko tei rahan6au.japan le woman ckt ma bronze jityo….dhani des le invest garna jati pani sak6 bt they lack talent n ckting environment bt we hav both.ckt ko live score check gardai basne nepali yesko example hun.

    Aba february ma u19 acc trophy 6.yo hamle 5 times jiteko bt last tym we failed reason other r progressing well. Do sth CAN at least kheldai aako u19 wc ta feri khelnu paryo.ani acc t20 trophy 2011 ma nepal ma garne proposal 6 re,tyo ok vaye jhan ramro.j hos des khelda ramailo lag6,herna man lag6 bt….tired of watching ashes n all.

    God bless nepali ckt

  18. Prayash says:

    Good game played by nepal.but little bit sad news we lost by 2 wicket.i think nepal should have different couch for batting bolwing n fielding.that make us best in all part.nepal aledey beat newgiland,southafrica,pakistan in u-19 worldcup so they prove again that they can beat test nation.BEST OF LUCK NePAL for acc u-19 elite cup.