Nepal outplay UAE for 9-wkt victory

Faizrul Khan scored unbeaten 45 to help Nepal defeat United Arab Emirates (UAE) by 9 wickets in the opening match of the ACC U-19 Elite Cup at AIT Ground, Bangkok.

Faizrul and Sagar Pun partnered unbeaten 81 as Nepal chased UAE’s 87 in 16.3 overs losing only Subash Khakurel (5). Sagar remained unbeaten on 36.

Earlier, Avinash Karn and Krishna Karki picked up a wicket each early to nail down the UAE batsmen who struggled to score.

The spinners continued the disciplined bowling drying up runs and taking wickets frequently. UAE batsmen did not find any room to score and hit the innings’ first boundary in 27th over.

Rahul Kumar BK picked up three wickets for 18 runs while Krishna, Avinash and Bhuwan Karki claimed two wickets each. Captain Prithu Baskota also took a wicket.

Dan DeSuza topscored 21 and SN Ramesh got 14 for UAE.

Nepal will now meet Oman on February 2.

Afghanistan, Hong Kong, Qatar win

Defending champions Hong Kong defeated Bahrain by 109 runs at Prem Center. Hong Kong scored 274/9 in 50 overs – thanks to Nizakat Khan’s century and bowled out Bahrain for 165 in 38.1 overs.

Qatar defeated Malaysia by 62 runs after scoring 241/7 and bowling out Malaysia for 179 in 43.4 overs.

The biggest winner of the day were Afghanistan who defeated hosts Thailand by 249 runs. Afghanistan scored 326/8 and bowled out Thailand for 77 in 28 overs.


Round League
Toss won by Nepal
Umpires Ashwani Rana & Dorji Laday
Scorers Sandhya & Sahkwat
Player / Match Khan, Faijlur Rahman
Match Refree Richard Folds


United Arab Emirates Innings 87 All Out (Overs 47.2)
Batsman Fieldsman Bowler Runs Bls 4s 6s
Zamin Jaleel c Rajesh Pulami b Avinash Karn 2 8 0 0
Aqib Malek* c Faizrul Khan b Krishna Karki 0 3 0 0
Reuben Abraham c Sagar Pun b P Baskota 13 61 0 0
SN Ramesh c P Baskota b R Biswokarma 14 59 0 0
Chirag Suri lbw b Bhuwan Karki 2 8 0 0
Waleed Ahmad c Rajesh Pulami b Krishna Karki 16 62 2 0
D D’Souza c Krishna Karki b Avinash Karn 21 54 2 0
Rohit Singh c Pradeep Airee b R Biswokarma 4 18 0 0
Mohsin Khan c P Baskota b Bhuwan Karki 1 6 0 0
Saurabhkant Gir st Subash Khakurel b R Biswokarma 0 1 0 0
Justin James not out   4 5 1 0
extras   (b0 lb0 w10 nb0) 10      
TOTAL   10 wickets for 87      


1-2 2-7 3-30 4-33 5-42 6-69 7-79 8-82 9-87 10-0


Bowler O M R W wd nb
Avinash Karn 7 1 13 2 5 -
Krishna Karki 10 1 15 2 1 -
Bhuwan Karki 7.2 2 14 2 - -
R Biswokarma 9 1 18 3 3 -
P Baskota 9 2 14 1 1 -
Pradeep Airee 2 0 3 0 - -
Rajesh Pulami 1 0 4 0 - -
Sagar Pun 2 0 6 0 - -


Nepal Innings 88/1 Closed (Overs 16.3)
Batsman Fieldsman Bowler Runs Bls 4s 6s
Subash Khakurel+ c Zamin Jaleel b Aqib Malek 1 9 0 0
Faizrul Khan not out   46 47 7 1
Sagar Pun not out   37 43 6 0
extras   (b0 lb0 w4 nb0) 4      
TOTAL   1 wickets for 88      


1-8(Subash Khakurel)


Bowler O M R W wd nb
Aqib Malek 3 0 15 1 - -
Saurabhkant Gir 1 0 6 0 2 -
Waleed Ahmad 6.3 0 33 0 2 -
SN Ramesh 1 0 17 0 - -
Justin James 2 0 14 0 - -
Chirag Suri 3 1 3 0 - -

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95 Responses

  1. i used to like this khushal azmi and his c0ments but since when he startd to d0minate nepali cricket thnkin that afg r superior(which he didnt say b4) startd to build a hatrd against afgns. F*ck u and ur afghani cricket.

  2. Nepali Kto says:

    @raaz I totally agree wid you yar. Mu*i kaite “bhada ko tattu lai kheleyera” hero huni hami sanga. hare aafno galti le harincha……jite aafno paurakh le jitincha……..kunai mula ko bhar parnu chaina hamilai

    Anyways guys forget abt all trash outside the country and focus on game today. We need to kick the A** of all critics. Especially them who belong to ACC.

    • Dear and lovely Guys my nepalino worred about the all domped jsut play and paly and bit them by Cricket with the number, what i ma going to say your are the great and get the nepal name in International lavle this is a your time, to win this game i am watch daily but i am in not our country you guy and you guys did very hard work and good Job keep it up,

  3. support nepalcric says:

    hi frens, double delight for nepali cricket fans,Nepal APf team is also doing well in india,they have reached the quaterfinals of Pune T-20 cricket tournament and also…they played practice matches in mumbai..against shivaji park gymkhana which is the club where sachin tendulkar started playing cricket,they defeated them by 5 wickets chasing 120,Gyanendra top scored with 37,and 3 wickets amrit,paras 2 wickets ,shakti 2 wickets,today they are playing against another strong A div side in mumbai…Jai nepal

  4. Nepali Kto says:

    Thanks for information dude……….can u provide us a link to see the result?

  5. nepalsports says:

    ACC U-19 Elite Cup Nepal v Oman at Terdthai Cricket Ground, Bangkok: Nepal won the toss and chose to bat

  6. support nepal cric says:

    Sorry brother, they are no links for scores.maybe ujjwal dai can update the scores here…cheers!!!!!!

  7. support nepal cric says:

    All the best Team Nepal..smash the omanis…

  8. nepalsports says:

    Nepal’s team unchanged since their nine-wicket win over UAE yesterday: Prithu Baskota, Rahul Viswakarma, Fazlur Rahman, Subhash Khakurel, Sagar Pun, Naresh Budhayer, Pradeep Airee, Bhuban Karki, Avinash Karn, Krishna Karki, Rajesh Pulami, 12th man Shivkumar Tanduka

  9. nepalsports says:

    just check asian cricket council on facebook for live text and score guys

  10. nepalsports says:

    After 2 overs, Nepal 6 for 0

  11. nepalsports says:

    Nepal 9 for 0 after 3

  12. Subarna Poudel says:

    Well played Rahul !!! Tamata, ur boys r simply outrageous….. Sorry to Prithu !!! WE WERE CROWNED FOUR TIMES BEFORE. FIFTH IS IN UR HANDS… AHEAD OF TOUGHNESS LIES THE VICTORY….