One of the greatest sport carnivals has begun! The world cup lunacy has already caught all over the world. The passion for the game is increasing in our country too. As always the ultimate question this time is, which team will be the world champion?

The cricket being very uncertain game, the answer to the question becomes more difficult. Even cricket pundits don’t like to precisely predict the possible winner. This is the one feature that makes the game more exciting and thrilling. The win of Bangladesh and Ireland over India and Pakistan has made it clear that his world cup is going to be very different one.

If I were to answer to the same question, I would say, the team which can exploit the advantage of rising performance curve will win the Cup. At world cup level the standard of all the teams are more or less at par barring non test playing countries. And at this level the important thing will be handling mental battle than anything else.

The teams which have entered into the event on their rising performance curve will be better equipped to deal with psychological battle. The rising performance curve means on its way to attain the potential performance level after a setback. The teams, which enter in the tournament at peak performance curve, will not have very good chance as it would be difficult to maintain the peak level for longer period of time.

Australia, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, and South Africa are the teams, which have entered into the tournament at their rising performance curve. Australia is strong as ever. They are the team, which takes shortest time to come out of set back. Sri Lanka have got confidence after loosing their six one series defeat by India and have done very well recently.

I have always been great fan of New Zealand for their fighting spirit. They have had good time against Australia recently and this will be huge psychological edge for them over others. South Africa is looking rock solid this time, but the big match is big question for them.

Who may be the winner of the cup but it is certain that the battle during next one and half month will be thrilling and we will see lot of unexpected result. Let’s enjoy the time and have a great fun.

(The writer is former national captain)