Captains an of Nepal’s national cricket team expressed serious concerns over the state of Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN) and urged all stakeholders to be serious to urgently solve the problems to utilize the ODI status for the benefits of the cricket.

Captain Paras Khadka joined former captains Lekh Bahadur Chhetri, Pawan Agrawal, Raju Khadka, Binod Das and newly elected president of Cricket Players Association of Nepal (CPAN) Dr Manish Raj Pandey is calling the stakeholders for unity by shedding behind personal ego to get the cricket governing body working in full swing.

We don’t want to takeover, but…: Pawan Agrawal

Immediate past president of CPAN, Pawan Agrawal said that taking over any role of CAN is not CPAN’s objective.

“But if nothing is going to happen, should we remain doing nothing?” Agrawal said

“If we couldn’t use ODI status properly, it will be wasted like the T20I status; and if we don’t have a governing body in place, we will waste the opportunity.”

Agrawal, who is also a member of the ICC’s formed advisory committee, said: “There is urgency [to solve it] because the ODI status is a springboard to jump to the Test status.”

We are forced to speak up: LB Chhetri

Former captain Lekh Bahadur Chhetri said that the former captains are forced to speak due to the situation.

“We are afraid that we may lose the biggest achievement the nation had achieved due to the hard works of the players, so we are forced to speak up,” he said.

“It’s high time that we urgently look into the infrastructure, cricket structure, players’ rights and social security.”

Can’t afford to lose time: Raju Khadka

Former captain Raju Khadka, who rarely have made press appearance after his retirement and runs a cricket academy outside Kathmandu, said that the captain didn’t want to see ODI status become a history.

“We can’t afford to lose a couple of years without anything in a four-year ODI status,” Khadka said. “It’s time that Nepal be known as country of cricket.”

“Behind every success, there is a guardian, but sadly we don’t have guardian when the players achieved a big success.”

We have people: Binod Das

Former captain Binod Das, while terming the CAN problem a burning issue, said that there are enough capable people to take over responsibility of Nepali cricket seriously if provided opportunity.

“We as players devoted our youth to cricket, and when there is an opportunity to reap the benefits from cricket, the situation is such,” he said.

“If you think there are not people to handle Nepal’s cricket, look at this floor and you will see there the best leadership you can have.”

“It’s probably first time all of us are sharing a common platform for cricket’s future,” he added. “We request all not to waste this opportunity.”

All should forget ego: Paras Khadka

Captain Paras Khadka said the ODI status is possible due to commitment and sacrifice by all former captains and players. “So on behalf of the team, I congratulate all of you,” he said. “And, thank you for your sacrifice.”

“Now, cricket should be first priority, and we all should think what we can do in future.”

“This is the best opportunity to look at Test status with a next few years and if we could get the Test status that would be the best achievement for our cricket.”

“Stability of CAN led by responsible people is the first priority now,” Khadka added. “All should forget ego and move forward for Nepal’s cricket.”

The Joint Statement

The CPAN issued a statement jointly signed by four former captains, Khadka and Pandey:

“The the outset, CPAN would like to congratulate Paras Khadka and entire team for historic achievement of ODI status. We entire players family is proud of this achievement.”

“However, it is very unfortunate that, to give this achievement an impetus and reap the benefits of ODI status, we do not have functioning governing body. We are aware of the situation that ICC has been trying its level best to find a common ground of agreement amongst CAN and stakeholders for the establishment of robust governing body. Nevertheless, we are depresses to see that no material progress has been made so far in this regard.”

“On the background of ODI status, we feel that we cannot afford to lose this opportunity and strongly urge all to feel the urgency of the situation and sort out the current situation.”

“We as CPAN would have to expand its role in case the current problem of governing body is not solved immediately.”