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1. This appeared in this website on July 17, 2001.

Why NepalCricket?
-Ujjwol Acharya-

Well the question is simple and anyone may ask us. Why NepalCricket? The answer is not so easy whenever I tried to answer. But there are some few reasons why we choose to start a new web site dedicated to cricket in Nepal. And that I can share with anyone easily.

The first and foremost feeling with this web site is with the passion for cricket. We are fans of cricket and always wanted Nepal to play well and be one of the best cricket playing nations. We are passionate about cricket and we love our nation. I can’t imagine of any Nepalese who would say that he doesn’t love Nepal. What we thought in the beginning is the site will provide the information about the Nepal’s cricket to every cricket lovers around the world; this will make cricket lovers more curious about the cricket in Nepal.

Beside these, as many of us know, Bangladesh could receive the test status before Kenya has only one reasons. And that is they made the world see how much they love cricket. Exposure means a lot in the field of sports. With this web site, the world can learn about the cricket in Nepal and the players would get the exposure which may also lead them be in the game for a long time and earn them some jobs.

These two reasons are very important and we decided why not to start this. We all know that it won’t be easy; we may struggle to get a news a day but we all know very well that in any condition, the cricket lovers of Nepal would keep visiting to us for the news and that may attract a few advertisers to pay us. Then it would be more easier for us to cover cricket all over Nepal

So, if we are working for the development of the cricket in Nepal in our own way, why can’t you? Be a part of cricket in Nepal – play it, watch it or keep interest in it. And at last keep visiting NepalCricket..

As the president of NepalCricket, I would like to express my appreciation to all the people who helped us to set up this web site.

2. This appeared in this website on October 16, 2005.

Cricket is the fastest growing sports in Nepal.

Internet offers all the international news, reviews and previews but has given very less priority to the minor countries like Nepal.

To give the Nepalese Cricket Fans a boost with total coverage of Nepalese cricket through internet, View Nepal Pvt Ltd, a leading web hosting and designing company in Kathmandu has teamed up with NepalCricket Group, now registered as The Radiant Star Online Media Pvt. Ltd., and the result is what you have currently on your browser.

Cricket Nepal is a volunteer site maintained by Ujjwal Acharya with the helping hands from a lot of cricket lovers.

Cricket Nepal is grateful to all its supporters and volunteers who, regularly or rarely, contribute to the site:

  • Pawan Agrawal (former Nepali captain)
  • MB Roka (CEO, ViewNepal)
  • Binod Pandey (Sports Correspondent, Nagarik)
  • Niranjan Rajbanshi (president, Nepal Sports Journalists Forum)
  • Nilesh Acharya & Tara Adhikari

The coverage and continuity of Cricket Nepal have been possible due to all the following friends:

Rajendra Gyawali, Dhurba Tuladhar, Ajay Phuyal & Prakash Timilsina (Nagarik daily)
Himesh Bajracharya, Ajay Hamal & Sharad Dhital (Kantipur daily)
Prem Dhakal, Bhaskar Gyawali, Navin Khatiwada & Prajwal Ojha (Republica daily)
Somesh Verma (Kantipur Television)
Devendra Subedi (Nepal Television)
Ayush Khadka, Asim Subedi & Pratikchhya Dulal (The Kathmandu Post daily)

And, not to forget:
Jayaram Subedi (now Australia)
Purushottam Kattel (now Malaysia)

Cricket Nepal was started as a hobby project, and has now turned into the major cricket website of the country. For which, the fans of cricket visiting the site, knowingly or unknowingly, contributed a lot. Thanks for everybody.